PPA Guildford

PPA GuildfordPlease order your UK SHOE SIZE when ordering shoes. If you know what size you've had previously then write this in the comments section. EG: If you're a UK 5 but had jazz shoes in a manufacturer size 7.5 then order a 5 but write "Last pair were a size 7.5" in the comments box.
25 Hair pinsHair pins25 Hair pins1.50
Ballet tightsPPA Ballet tightsBallet tights7.99
Black Jazz TrousersJazz pantsBlack Jazz Trousers24.99
Black Regulation leotardPPA Reg LeoBlack Regulation leotard23.99
Bun netsBun netsBun nets1.00
Foot thongsFoot thongFoot thongs12.99
Knee PadsKnee padsKnee Pads9.99
Men's Black Jazz TrousersMen's jazz pantsMen's Black Jazz Trousers25.99
Men's Dance BeltDance BeltMen's Dance Belt19.99
Men's Regulation Hot Pant ShortsMen's Regulation HotpantsMen's Regulation Hot Pant Shorts17.99
Men's regulation Tap shoesMen's Reg TapMen's regulation Tap shoes49.99
Men's Tight Black Vest TopMen's Tank TopMen's Tight Black Vest Top20.99